Sunday, 13 March 2011


Today went ok I guess... Went to my mums for roast, she makes a yummy roast lamb with honey and mustard and her crunchy roast potatoes are to die for.... But today I was a good girl lol

I had the lamb but with boiled new potatos and cauliflower and broccoli, it was just as good to be honest :)

Then we came home and I made weetabix pancakes! This is NOT one of my creations, I found the recipe online through other slimming world participants.

First of all, crumble the weetabix into a bowl (I used 4) and add some sweetener if required.

Next you need to whisk some eggs, I used 4, one to each weetabix (was sharing!)

Then make sure you mix it all I'n well with the weetabix, the less lumps the better.

Then all you do is heat a frying pan with some fry light and cook like pancakes :)

I chop some banana up ontop of mine, but you can have mullerlight or whatever you fancy!

Enjoy everyone! It's a great way of getting fibre and eggs into you if your fussy like me!

Disappearing Mummy x

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  1. Ooh these sound good, I've made 'weetabix cake' a lot but I think I'll give these a try next.

    I found you on twitter, and now following, just re-joined SW yesterday to lose last bit of weight. I love SW, best thing I ever did!