Sunday, 13 March 2011


Today went ok I guess... Went to my mums for roast, she makes a yummy roast lamb with honey and mustard and her crunchy roast potatoes are to die for.... But today I was a good girl lol

I had the lamb but with boiled new potatos and cauliflower and broccoli, it was just as good to be honest :)

Then we came home and I made weetabix pancakes! This is NOT one of my creations, I found the recipe online through other slimming world participants.

First of all, crumble the weetabix into a bowl (I used 4) and add some sweetener if required.

Next you need to whisk some eggs, I used 4, one to each weetabix (was sharing!)

Then make sure you mix it all I'n well with the weetabix, the less lumps the better.

Then all you do is heat a frying pan with some fry light and cook like pancakes :)

I chop some banana up ontop of mine, but you can have mullerlight or whatever you fancy!

Enjoy everyone! It's a great way of getting fibre and eggs into you if your fussy like me!

Disappearing Mummy x

Friday, 11 March 2011

Day 2

This morning I figured I should eat something but didn't know what! So I went with a bowl of baked beans.. Seriously lol

For early dinner I just had a jacket potato with mushrooms lightly fried In frylight and soy sauce, with salad and cherry tomatoes with a small slither of cheese for my HE.

Today I'm feeling really weird, I've eaten to the book, no cheating what so ever but I feel like it's not working. I so hope it is!

Disappearing Mummy x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Good day!

Today has been a good day diet wise. For Lunch I had a jacket potato with home made bolognaise on top (lean meat, onions, tomatoes etc) with a salad, it was yummy and a lot more filling than I thought! And it's the first time I've EVER had a jacket potato without butter or cheese!

Then for dinner, after searching the cupboards for slimming world friendly foods, I ended up making pasta with baked beans and mushrooms... Sounds weird I know but it was yummy and I ate loads!

On top of that I managed to drink 2 litres of water which again I never do, most I managed before was a few glasses of coke! I have been peeing like a trooper though! Ggrrr

Tonight for a snack I chopped up a potato, sprayed with fry light and baked until crispy, even my husband enjoyed that!
I did have 1 teaspoon of light salad cream so I'm guessing I'm ok within my Syns as that's all I had.

Feeling good (and full!) looking forward to tomorrow!

Disappearing Mummy x

The First Day

Well yesterday was the first day, the first group and I was nervous as hell! Luckily my friend who already goes (and has lost loads and looks great) walked me In. I seem to have problems being around an already formed group these days.

However the group leader was very welcoming and talked me through everything and she instilled hope In me that I CAN do this and that I could call her anytime I needed too.

It was time for me to step on the scales... Now I know most of you wouldn't say your weight but I'm starting out saying it because I think it helps me realise just how bad I have got with my weight.

So on the first day, weds 9th march 11 at 3:30pm the scales said :

19st 4 1/2lbs

Shock horror! - my personal goal In the short term is 3 stone before summer.. Is this doable?

I came home and rummaged through the cupboards for any free foods we already had In and I ended up with a yukky concoction of pasta, tinned plum tomatoes and tuna (In brine).

Then later on I had a veggie steam bag and a bachelors cuppa soup (tomato and basil) I think is around 5 syns but not too sure.

The support I have had on twitter is simply amazing! It's so great to know if I'm having a bad day that others can keep me on track, that and I've already had a yummy recipe sent through to try!

I hope you guys will continue my long journey with me through this, I intend to use this blog as a food/thought diary and a photo diary *gulp*

One of the things that spurs me on is seeing the before and after pictures of successful slimming world participants.

Well busy day today, my 12 month old has his jabs *cries* then I'm off to Tescos to stock up on ss foods! So will say bye for now! Have a great day!

Disappearing Mummy x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Beginning my Journey to a better life.

So I should start with a brief intro. I was never a big child, well not as a little child, I was active, did dancing, judo, scouts, gymnastics and as most kids In the 90's spent most of my evenings climbing trees and riding my bike outside with friends.

However when I turned around 13, my weight began to creep on and I started getting, well, tubby. I got teased for having thunder thighs but even the exercise didn't keep it at bay.

During high school there were a few things that happened that spurred me into yo-yo dieting, I think this was In 6th form - 2 heart breaks, each causing me to stop eating for over a week, I didn't even drink much and both times I lost over a stone and felt better but as physics works, the weight went back on, plus more.

In 2004 I started the Lighterlife diet. It was great , I lost a stone a month but I also didn't eat all the powder I was supposed too and my hair started falling out, I got bruises on my body and ulcers In my mouth.. Worst of all I was paying approximate £60 a week. When I could no longer afford the program, I just stopped. I had got down to 13 stone and apart from being under nourished I loved my body more - that wasn't to stay. I went to America for a gap year September 2004 and of course I was silly and the weight all went on.. Plus even more.

Come 2006 my weight although being considered obese was stable at around 15 stone, I was working at the London eye and walking miles a day, working outside and swimming at 5am before early shifts. I was happy, went out drinking, socialising, I didn't hate my photo being taken although I was aware of my size. I was an 18.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome after suffering bad pains and stiff joints. I was signed off work over the winter and the weight started creeping on, I became depressed and unmotivated and In pain. March 2009 I was dismissed on Ill health capabilities and everything was getting on top of me, the pain was worse, I lost 2 sets of twins and had 2 operations within 3 months. I was on a downer, then I found out I was pregnant with my son!

I piled on the weight with my son and when he was born I was approximately 18 stone. Most people of course lose weight when they've had their baby, I shamefully have gained.

I was referred to London for gastric surgery and the surgeon, consultants, doctors all agreed it was for the best, but the trust wouldn't fund it as you now need to have severe sleep apnoea or type 2 diabetes and I have neither.

This really sent me into a downer. I don't like going out, none of my clothes fit. When I see myself In the mirror I'm ashamed and want to cry. I've never felt so low In my life. As it is I can't see the future, I'm sure if I stay how I am I'll die In the next few years, this is how serious it has got.

I haven't told anyone this, it's easier to write it down. I'm laying here pushing 20 stone and wanting to be the fun loving wife and mother my husband and son deserve.

Tonight marks the start of my change, I am starting Slimming World - I am getting the support. I will do this!

This is my weight loss journey

Life starts now.